Flintoff vs Dawson live stream boxing match online. - livestreamboxing

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live stream boxing

live stream boxing

Flintoff vs Dawson live stream boxing match online.

Watch Flintoff vs Dawson live stream match.Here you can watch Flintoff vs Dawson live online tv channel.So dont miss Flintoff vs Dawson  match on tv.Because you can watch here Flintoff vs Dawson live stream with hd quality.


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Match scheduled

Date: 27 nov 2012

Start : 05:00


The last time I saw Freddie Flintoff climb into a ring he was wearing white spandex tights and squaring up to Darren Gough before a Lucha Libre wrestling match in Mexico.

But even that little adventure was cut short by injury when he bruised a rib leaning against a rope and never got to actually fight.

Unlike Freddie Flintoff Vs The World, which was on ITV4 in January 2011, his new series is no joke.

And neither, worryingly, is his planned career change to heavyweight boxer.

Forced to retire from professional cricket at just 33, the life of the commentator doesn't appeal. Being a panellist on A League Of Their Own isn't entirely fulfilling and it's doubtful whether his dodgy knees would stand up to the rigours of Strictly.

So, on November 30 Flintoff is scheduled to fight American Richard Dawson at Manchester Arena and this three-part documentary will follow his training with former world featherweight champ Barry McGuigan and his son Shane.

Some in the boxing world have already slammed the granting of a licence to Flintoff as a dangerous stunt. Look what happened to Olympic rower James Cracknell when he tried it, they point out. Knocked out after just 45 seconds.

During the legendary 2005 Ashes, Flintoff became the poster boy for good sportsmanship when he crouched down to commiserate with a losing Australian batsman, so it's hard to square this image with a sport that involves inflicting physical pain.

"This is the hurt business," McGuigan is forced to remind him when Freddie checks that his sparring partner is OK.

Whether you're a fight fan or not, this

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